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I am a sound artist and audio designer, exploring sound in all its facets.

I turn spaces and exhibitions into auditive environments with spatial audio, sound design and composition. I design sound for interactive applications and immersive media. I compose and create sound design for film. Sometimes I indulge in my own music or produce and mix music for others. 
All of the above I do both on my own and in multiple forms of collaboration as I feel equally comfortable as a creator and as a creative director.

In 2020…

…I'll lead the sound conception and creation for the new Holocaust Galleries at Imperial War Museum London (due to open in 2021) on behalf of Idee und Klang Audio Design.


...create the soundtrack for the play 'Sahitya (WT)' by Keshava / Tharayil, due to premiere in January 2021 at Kaserne Basel.

…I'll create the soundtrack for a new animation film by Bianca Caderas.

...I'll design sounds for a new production by theatre collective machina eX, co-produced by Hebbel am Ufer Berlin (together with Malu Peeters).

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